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Startek Jamaica – 76 Tower


Kingston, Jamaica

Building Size

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Design & Build



StarTek Inc is a customer engagement business process outsourcing company. The company operates its business through six reportable segments, based on the geographic regions: Americas, Malaysia, India and Sri Lanka, Australia, South Africa, and Rest of World.

JTRS successfully completed the supply and installation of a Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) HVAC system for Startek Jamaica. In collaboration with Construction Systems International (CSI), our engineers played a pivotal role in designing and fitting out the HVAC infrastructure for this business processing outsourcing firm.

Key Features:

Precision Design and Engineering: JTRS engineers collaborated seamlessly with CSI to create a tailored HVAC solution that meets the unique requirements of this facility. The VRF system was meticulously designed for optimal energy efficiency and performance.

Enhanced Zoning and Control: The VRF system offers unparalleled zoning capabilities, allowing precise control over individual zones within the facility. This feature ensures a customized and comfortable environment for occupants, optimizing energy consumption.

Occupant Health and Comfort: The system prioritizes occupant well-being by providing consistent and comfortable temperature levels throughout the workspace. This is achieved through advanced air distribution, filtration, and humidity control, fostering a conducive and healthy indoor environment.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings: With its variable refrigerant flow technology, the system adjusts the amount of refrigerant circulated based on the cooling requirements of different spaces. This results in significant energy savings and reduced operational costs.

Consistent Temperature Control: The precise zoning capabilities of the system ensure that each area maintains a consistent and comfortable temperature. This contributes to occupant comfort and productivity, especially in a business processing outsourcing setting where concentration and focus are paramount.

Humidity Regulation: The system actively regulates humidity levels, creating an environment that is not only comfortable but also inhibits the growth of mold and other allergens. This is crucial for maintaining a healthy workplace environment.

Quiet and Discreet Operation: The system operates quietly, minimizing disruptions in the workspace. Its discreet operation ensures a peaceful and conducive environment for employees, contributing to their overall satisfaction and well-being.

Technical Details & Services Provided


  • HVAC Application: Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)
  • Engineering Design
  • Procurement
  • Build

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