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Ashenheim Road Storage Facility (Kingston Wharves)


Kingston, Jamaica

Building Size

128,000 sq. ft

Project Type

Design, Spec, Build, General Construction


In Progress

Boosting a thriving Economy.

The Ashenheim Road Storage Facility being developed by Kingston Wharves Limited, is a joint venture construction project between JTRS and RESOF USA.

Project Overview: JTRS was selected as the General Contractor to provide structural value engineering and erection services for two warehouse buildings for Kingston Wharves (KWL), totaling approximately 128,000 square feet. Building 1 is designed for dry storage while Building 2 serves as a cold storage facility utilizing an ammonia refrigeration system. 

Structural Engineering and Erection:

  1. Material Selection: Hot-dipped galvanized steel and insulated panels ensure robustness, longevity, and energy efficiency in both warehouse buildings.
  2. Dry Storage Facility (Building 1): Tailored to meet the specific needs of dry goods storage, offering secure and weather-resistant space for varied commodities.
  3. Cold Storage Facility (Building 2): Utilization of an ammonia refrigeration system, a cutting-edge choice for refrigeration, ensuring optimal temperature control for perishable goods.

Benefits of Ammonia Refrigeration Systems: The decision to use an ammonia refrigeration system for the cold storage facility brings numerous advantages:

  1. Environmental Sustainability: Ammonia is a natural refrigerant with zero ozone depletion potential and a minimal global warming potential, aligning with eco-friendly practices.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Ammonia systems generally have higher energy efficiency compared to traditional freon systems, contributing to reduced operational costs.
  3. Operational Safety: Ammonia is non-toxic and has a distinct odor, allowing for easier leak detection, and enhancing safety measures in the facility.


JTRS was also entrusted with the HVAC aspect of the project, involving the supply and installation of multiple Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems across administrative buildings.

  1. VRF Systems: VRF technology offers precise control over temperature and zoning, providing efficient and flexible heating, cooling, and ventilation solutions.
  2. Energy-Efficient Operation: The VRF systems contribute to overall energy efficiency, reducing environmental impact and operational costs.

Kingston Wharves is a crucial player in the Jamaican economy, serving as a leading port and logistics hub. Their role in import and export trade is integral to Jamaica’s economic growth, facilitating the smooth movement of goods and contributing significantly to international trade. The Ashenheim Road Storage Facility underscores Kingston Wharves’ commitment to infrastructure development, emphasizing its dedication to efficiency, sustainability, and the advancement of trade and commerce in the region.

Technical Details & Services Provided

  • Design Collaboration
  • Engineering
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow Air Conditioning System
  • Ammonia Refrigeration System
  • General Construction

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