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About Us

We are driven by the challenge to deliver solutions that help build the world.

JTRS is one of the Caribbean’s leading air conditioning, ventilation, and refrigeration contractors specialising in new construction or retrofit projects.

The construction industry’s leading stakeholders demand top-performing HVAC contractors that have developed a proven track record of planning and executing demanding projects. Our approach begins with our client’s goals in mind.

We are committed to investing in technology to accelerate our project delivery, guaranteeing completion on time and within budget.

We are committed to disrupting the industry; therefore, we innovate by applying technology that guarantees speed, precision, and accountability throughout our workflow. We collaborate with project stakeholders, and we lead by practicing high levels of integrity, safety, and people-centric culture. 

We’ve adopted a process that works for everyone.

  • Design – Our engineering team applies solutions that foster environmental sustainability, occupant health, and thermal comfort.
  • Plan – We bring everyone together to collaborate in unison to guarantee accountability, quality, and efficient coordination.
  • Build – Our experience has opened doors to execute HVAC build-outs in various sectors – from commercial offices spaces to large contact centres for some of the world’s leading customer experience outsourcing providers.

Technology In Action

JTRS is committed to investing in leading, cutting-edge, and innovative technology that boosts our ability to deliver your projects on time and within budget. We’ve partnered with Procore – a leading construction project management software provider that continues to develop critical tools required to guarantee successful projects. It is the bridge between our office, field teams, and clients.


We collaborate with our partners to build comfortable indoor environments.

Our Vision

The point of reference for sustainable HVAC.

Our Purpose

We exist to disrupt, innovate and lead. 

Our Core Values

Our values are built into our DNA.

We challenge the status-quo

To drive change, we must be willing to go beyond what's already accepted. We are problem-solvers who listen to our client’s needs to meet their business objectives. We are constantly improving, modernising and implementing innovative building HVAC solutions that are sustainable. We embrace change and have a strong appetite for shifting our methods to shape our future.

We innovate

Technology & innovation fuel our ability to over-exceed our client's expectations and improve the health and well-being of our people in the field by making processes less labor-intensive. This maximises our ability to execute processes up to 60% faster than conventional methods.

We collaborate

We believe that great minds that efficiently work together create a synergetic experience that delivers positive outcomes. We approach every project with one goal in mind; Completing on time and within budget.

We value our reputation

We are committed to integrity, quality, safety, our people, and the environment. We do things right the first time - this is how we remain indisputable. We’ve spent time recruiting skilled professionals that share our values so that our reputation is never compromised.

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