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JTRS is an HVAC contractor driven by the challenge to deliver solutions that help to build the world. 

JTRS is one of the Caribbean’s leading air conditioning, ventilation, and refrigeration contractors that specialise in new construction or retrofit projects. 

The construction industry’s leading stakeholders demand top-performing HVAC contractors that have developed a proven track record of planning and executing demanding projects. JTRS’ approach begins with our client’s goals in mind.

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Clients with demanding and complex building needs turn to JTRS



Commercial & Industrial Intake/Exhaust Solutions

Cold Storage

Cold Storage

Experts in commercial & industrial cold storage facilities.

Building Automation

Building Management

Imagine your building - Connected

Engineering & Project Execution

Engineering & Project Management

We design and install solutions that work for your building

Career opportunities

At JTRS, we’re delivering solutions that help to build the world.

We are a team of skilled professionals that understand how to meet rigorous construction timelines. We collaborate with architects, engineering consultants, general contractors, subcontractors, and building owners/operators to guarantee successful HVAC and industrial cold storage projects.

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